Yurt Dwelling

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With its circular design and spacious interior, the yurt encourages both social activity and quiet contemplation. With a few friends, you can set up a yurt up in a day or two. Wire it, heat it and plumb it just like a traditional home. Or go off-the-grid and live sustainably in a yurt. Create big family meals in the kitchen. Add a bathroom or a luxurious spa. Based on the traditional Mongolian yurt, also known as a ger, our high-quality, affordable, durable yurt could be just what you’re looking for!

We make yurts in five sizes serving a range of functions: a smaller yurt makes a great backyard office, guestroom or weekend getaway; the biggest yurt—our 30’ with 706 square feet of floor space can seat up to 60 people and function as a mini-conference center or as a home for a small family. You can combine and connect yurts too.

Aside from having an amazing, friendly staff that will help you with all yurt needs, here are just a few of the reasons why you might want to work with us. Let’s start from the top:

  • We offer 5 diameters of Yurt (16′, 20′, 24′, 27′ and 30′)
  • Our wall height is 7’2”, creating a spacious interior with room for a loft inside most yurts.
  • Every entry door is full residential size: 6’8” tall by 3’ wide (interchangeable with commonly available exterior doors and sized for a ready-made screen door). Each door meets ADA requirements, and is equipped with an aluminum threshold.
  • Our 12-sided compression ring has an extra wide radial dimension for stability and strength
  • We have a proprietary wall-to-roof lacing system that integrates the yurt wall to the roof for better holding power
  • All yurts come standard with three windows
  • Our fabric walls and roof are all reinforced with ultra-durable and long lasting seatbelt webbing
  • Every window has a #10 YKK zipper with Protech UV guards
  • We have a unique bead and track system for attaching the yurt fabric walls to door jambs
  • Our mortise and tenon joinery on the doors is unmatched
  • We provide a rain cricket over every yurt door
  • Our window flaps convert to awnings
  • We offer yurts in 26+ color options from 3 different wall fabrics, that’s a total of 273 combinations!
  • Our double thick roof-to-valance seam is machine welded
  • And our yurts are built with installer friendly details and long term durability.

There are literally hundreds of other reasons. But really, it’s all about Craftsmanship and Customer Service.

Pricing starts at $6500.  We offer full packages including shipping and full build out starting at $25,000.  

All yurts are special ordered to your specifications and take 4 to 6 weeks to deliver.  

Contact us today for help on customizing your yurt!  info@thewestsidecollectivetruck.com