re/flektion EMF Blocking Phone Grip

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re/flekt those EMFs. Shungite phone grip made exclusively by The Westside Collective. Stone from Flight Of The Heart with blessings by Flight founder Amanda Daniels. Each natural stone is uniquely created differently by our Mother Earth.  Delivered in reusable natural muslin pouch.

Price is for Shungite stone. Phone grip included ; our gift to you.  Phone case not included.


Shungite is used to neutralize EMF radiation and can help protect you from the harmful electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by electrical devices. It has the ability to get rid of the negative frequency found in electromagnetic fields, thus preventing it from getting into your boy’s soft tissues.


(btw our bodies are 70% water so read on)

Shungite stones have filtering properties, and they are often used to purify water. The filtering properties are a result of the carbon molecules found in Shungite. Shungite is able to absorb 95% of pollutants such as nitrates, lead, bacteria and different types of organic compounds and harmful chemical found in water.


Shungite is also referred to as a miracle mineral due to its ability to heal, clean, protect, revitalize and regenerate. Shungite stones contain anti-inflammatory, anti-histaminic, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties that can improve your immunity. It helps to rejuvenate cells and it enhances the repair of DNA and cell repair.


Shungite is also used in meditation, and it can help set up your body’s natural balance. In addition, the stone is also used to boost energy levels and relieve stress and anxiety.

8 Steps to Keep Your Space EMF Cleaner from

1. Keep your CELL PHONE in Airplane mode as much as possible. Make it a must, when sleeping. Ensure Wi-Fi/Bluetooth are also off. Have them always off while not in use. Don't let your phone be on your body, while it's on.

2. Hardwiring INTERNET is easier than thought. If it's not an option, turn off your router at night. Getting a router with a timer, remote electric switch, or a plug-in power timer can make it simple.

3. In BEDROOM ensure there are no wires around the bed. Unplug anything that is at least 6ft to the bed, including lamps, electric blankets, pads, electrically operated bed.

4. Anything DECT emits strong radiation. Replace with wired options. Use prudent avoidance of wireless baby monitors.

5. Have your WIRELESS gadgets off, especially at night: printers, speakers, signal booster, wearable devices, anything Wi-Fi/Bluetooth. Even at idle they emit radiation.

6. Minimize the use of dimmer switches, compact fluorescent lamps, 'smart' meters, older LEDs and halogen fixtures, solar panel inverters, as they produce DIRTY ELECTRICITY.

7. Keep away from point sources such as transformers and motors, which can be on the other side of the walls. Luckily, MAGNETIC FIELDS drop off quickly, within a couple of feet. Distance is your friend when it comes to point source MFs.

8. The golden rule for all EMFs: AVOID, MINIMIZE, KEEP DISTANCE