Indie Republic Solo Post Geode Light

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Indie Republic Solo Post Geode Light.  

Reclaimed HT (Heat Treated) Teak or Mahogany alike.  It is a very dense wood that was pulled from the under supporting crossbeams of the Railroads in Japan.  

Cord is a nylon or rope type twisted cord using regular type 2 wire stands.  

All the Geodes are Moroccan Geodes.  The Chunks are raw chunks or chisele/broken large whole geodes.  The white geodes are the rawest form of Quartz, this is why the white is so brilliant.  The pieces that are Silver are Titanium Plated Moroccan Geode Slices.  The White slices are natural sliced pieces of Moroccan Geode Stones.

Bulbs are 2 to 4w LED dimming bulbs.

Approximate dimensions 2.5" x 8.5".

Hand made in Costa Mesa CA.