I came across Heather in the last place I imagined finding the guidance I needed to start my small business, on Instagram.  Her first email reply to me was signed "sent from the stars" and thats truly how I have felt about her since day one. I had been trying to start my business for months with no luck on where to actually "start". Heather helped me get started without feeling overwhelmed and has been there for me every step of the way; from production, to labels, and even "does this email sound ok?". Her kindness, always timely response (girl is on it!), and her beautiful light is priceless. I couldn't be happier with everything I have learned from her and what we have accomplished together so far. Thank you Heather for helping me realize this dream! Forever grateful. :) 

Eloisa Carvalho
The Wolf Nest


Heather is amazing. She's professional, timely, personable and has a clear eye for style and 'what works'. I love that she sees growth through cooperation and as such, is an honest and experienced sounding board. She's a truly a great ally to have as you navigate the sometimes overwhelming field of possibilities in a new business.  She's also help me to land an account with a national retailer, a big win for my company, yay!



Heather Roma has been an absolute gem to work with.  As a new business owner and a complete newbie to the fashion world, admittedly I have a lot to learn!  Fortunately Heather has been there holding my hand every step of the way, helping me with all of my questions and concerns. If it weren't for her, I would have made some costly mistakes.  I highly recommend using Heather's services, she is knowledgeable, always timely and naturally, she's got a really great sense of style!


Brianna Jane

Banda Bags

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